Lisa Taumaivale came to ACWC with Dr. Forte in 2014.  They have been together since 1987!  Her presence has allowed for the smooth merging of the two doctor’s practices in January, 2014. She has been a great asset in transitioning the practice to be more or less “paperless,” and works tirelessly on the technical issues that we constantly face.  She also deals with insurance claim situations, staffing solutions, and complex patient problems.  Sometimes she is here until 10 at night so you may not always see her at 8am, but a harder working manager you will never meet!

Katie Richter has been with the practice since 2014.  Her background in marketing and business management makes her an enormous asset to The Angeles Crest family.  She is our Receptionist and Surgery Scheduler.  She is knowledgeable about everything in the practice and is a valuable source of information. Please direct your questions to her email address and she will forward them appropriately.